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Recognition & Awards
Inside the Vatican
Peter Ustinov's Russia
Paths of the Gods
Born TalkingThe Orient ExpressAmerican CaeserEast Meets WestEmpire of the Bay

ACTRA Best Television Program
Beaverbrook: The Life & Times of Max Aiken


The PRE-ANNIK Wilderness Award
Beaverbrook: The Life & Times of Max Aiken


International Emmy
Mandelstam's Witness


Genie Award, Outstanding Independent Film
Glenn Gould's Toronto


ACTRA Award,
Best Television Program of the Year
Jonathan Miller's London


New York International Film & Television Festival
Two Gold Medals


ACE Best Documentary Program
Peter Ustinov in China


CFTA Best Television Documentary
Peter Ustinov in China


Banff Rockies Best Television Program
Quintet: Visions of Five


CFTA Best Director
The Newcomers 1832


Association of Multi-Image of Canada
Gold Award
Locomotion: Expo '86 Spectacular


Gemini Best Performance Program – Series
Peter Ustinov's Russia


Houston International Film Festival
Bronze Award
Born Talking


Best Media Arts Production
Inside The Vatican


Photography & Illustration Award
Applied Arts Magazine
Empire of the Bay

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